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    I have noticed in the past few months I have gotten a numerous amount of white spots on my chest/neck area near cleavage. It is now getting bad enough where friends are asking me what are those spots on your neck area. They don’t itch, they are not scaly or textured in anyway. Anyone know what these maybe and are they seroius. I get them on my arms too. Sun Spots??
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    * Day 8 – my throat starts hurting more; hurts to swallow. (same gland problem)
    Just recently (summer 06), I was in the hospital for GI purpose, came to find out that I now have severe Gastroparesis and CANNOT eat food by mouth (solid that is). During the stay (2.5 months), I had another infection. Meanwhile being there, they said that several test indicated that I have Lupus (ANA), but there were a couple that were negative. Meanwhile, as I was in there, a doctor decided to put me on Lyrica. I, to be honest, do NOT remember why..and after a bit of research, I thought it was another seziure med in addition to my Keppra. Well, I thought…I don’t need it and skip a dose–ONE time, and all hell breaks loose. I get the "feet on fire" one day, severe edema the next. Then nothing (think everything’s ok) then BAM…feels like walking on glass, then feels like ants are biting all over. So, now I can’t stop the Lyrica or else trouble occurs. – Cialis Discount India

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    …yo, 4 tiempos…

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